Thursday, August 02, 2007

Achieving Poetic Excellence

OH MY GOODNESS I might just post more than once a week- it's a MIRACLE. Actually, it's 2a.m. That's the miracle. So I work from home late into the night, usually, because that's when things get quiet enough for me to start working. I do this boring medical coding stuff... and my brain swells with intelligence. It's MIND STIMULATING. Kind of like, "how many pieces of red licorice can I eat per coding batch?", or "how fast can I run downstairs to get a glass of ice water while stopping to take Ruby to the potty and then run up, clean the bathroom and rush back to the computer before my screensaver pops up and I have to enter my password again and realize I forgot my water in the bathroom so run to get it and then sign in again and start working?".
I should be banned, banned, banned, from the computer past midnight. This is a ramble and a half.
I went to the hospital tonight to see a friend who was sick. I must watch too much Grey's Anatomy... I was seriously having these weird day dreams while walking down the halls... like, where are all the surgeons hiding? I know they're here somewhere. And Denny's ghost? Must be here around me. And where's McDreamy? The one time this whole year that I've been to the hospital, I can only assume there must be something scandalous happening...
Went to a concert in Provo afterward with some girlfriends. We walked for a block in the rain to this old place that used to be called the "Wrapsody". It's come a long way and lost one of its bathrooms along the way, but the music was good and it brought back some memories. The Utah desert smelled rainy tonight. It's a bitter smell like wet metal, and asphalt, and dusty rain. It's nice. Then I came back to finish my work for the night. And here I am torturing the lining of my eyes once again. I'm going to hate myself in the morning.

The girls usually wake me in the morning with requests for juice and waffles and lots of general whining that I cannot pretend to ignore else I eventually erupt in bad-mom-ness. If I answer at first request, they don't become as obnoxious, so that will be my target.
Speaking of Target, found a great polka-dot skirt there today. They were out of all the good sizes (apparently summer is almost over), so I had to buy two sizes too big, but that gives me more room for dessert now, doesn't it?


Rhiannon Nielsen said...

I have those same feelings. Like it is never ending with our lives. But you are doing great. Keep smiling. Congrats on your new skirt. I love Target they have the best clothes, I think.

lori said...

Do we have twinner Target skirts? If so ..yippee! I am glad you had a girls night...those are essential. In fact, we should plan one. Also, you should blog more than once a week. Bye!- Lori

Debbi said...

HAHA! I love that you bought the skirt and will wear it anyway! Target does have the cutest things and the best sales ever!

maren out my laundry said...

You are the bomb girl! I wish I could write more like you, you totally crack me up!
Thanks for coming to visit me! It for sure made my night. Funny you talk about greys anatomy because I had the same thoughts being there for 4 days and all. Like when the surgeon came into see me, he was like "well I don't see any cutting in your future" and I was like "dang you aren't going to get all greys anatomy on me" he didn't even aknowledge what I said, I thought it was funny. hahahaha
I wanna hear more about this coding thing. Lets do something this week, later in the week when I feel better.
I'm home by the way! Thanks again for visiting you are the best it made my day!

Rebecca said...

Why did you have to bring up the way Utah smelled? It always makes me so homesick. And I'm not even from utah.

Lillie said...

To write so well at 2 am. I can only wish. I can barely form words with my mouth let alone creative ones combined with... other ones... in writing, and that's only at like midnight. Pretty sure I'm language-less at 2 am. Love your writing. And I LOVE your music. Does it say something very unlikeable about me that if we didn't know any of the same people I would steal your entire playlist and possibly not even give you credit? Hmmm.

And about hospitals-- Also- have watched far too much Greys and House- I wonder where the emotionally manipulative music and hot staff are, and I'm sure when I get the hiccups that I'll probably- die.

Your little girls are so cute-

Missy said...

You are such a great writer Sarie. I loved this post, specifically the first paragraph (maybe I can relate??).

Kelly said...

Wrapsody? I have some good memories of that place. So funny that you bought a skirt two sizes too big. Maybe it will work as a maternity skirt someday?