Monday, June 01, 2009


Alphabet parade, May 29.

She doesn't like peanut butter and jelly. Just bread. Last night I put some bread in a ziplock bag and nestled it down by the juice box and yogurt. I did this with a skip and a hum. I filled her water bottle with a smirk and noticed the magic in the air, because, it's Grace's last week of school. No more painful ponytails at 7:25 a.m. She can let her hair down, eat crackers on the couch 'til 10, and forget the influence of all those other kids for the entire summer.

We are all so excited.

This year began with some very hard feelings. If you remember, I had just had Lillie and was having a hard time letting my oldest go to school all day. My feelings were fierce, and only with time have they subsided. In their replacement are feelings of confidence, in myself and her. More confidence in our relationship. It's a different one now, mixed with the outside world. We took her and I, what we used to be, added some kindergarten experience, mixed us up, and became what we are on this first day of June, 2009. A mixed up jumble of feelings that add up to progress and steps forward. We get about 90 days until first grade. I hope heaven will prepare me.


lori said...

Okay, what are we going to do when they go to school. Freak out? we can have a freak out party. UGH. Grace is so gorgeous. I am proud of her..and the the girl holding the upside down V.

lori said...


LuCDay said...

Um, is that not a Jake look she's giving in the first picture? Can I just start putting a link to your blog on my posts saying "and this is how I feel about it"?

Anonymous said...

Gosh..she is just growing up way too fast!!

Lillie said...

oh i love this photo. Those lips KILL me.