Monday, December 13, 2010


{Photo by Hannah}

The girl behind those eyes is calling. Pleading with me to be patient, to try to understand. Inside, tears of frustration roll down her grown up cheeks. She doesn't know how to be anything else but an emotional wind tunnel. She's a tumbleweed, bouncing from one thing to the next, the toddler who's never satisfied. But she wants to be. Inside there is someone who wants to be realized. Someone who doesn't mean to cause so much harm. Someone who's lost sometimes but wants her mama to know she's not so far away. A thousand wants and wishes and hardships boil down to one thing.

And I know what it is.

She is a gift.


sharry said...
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sharry said...

i love the idea that we were both writing posts at the same time about the loves of our lives...

Dee said...

As I carried Zac literally kicking and screaming out of church last Sunday (tossed over my houlder so that he was actually hanging upside down and I had his feet hooked to my arm so that he wouldn't fall to the floor behind me head first)I thought, fleetingly, of the possibility that he had a disability that I had heretofore been blind to because of my love for him. As I drove him home to talk with his father I just chalked it up to Another quintesential Zac response to a seemingly benign request from his everloving mother.

Love on Sarie

Laurel said...

wow she is looking so much older.

as a fellow "third child", you can't love her enough. but the pay off will be worth it. that's what my parents say anyway (grin).