Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Photos

This photo attempt was ridiculous in its entirety. But its my life. Half are listening, Lillie's disrupting it all, and in the end, four cherubic babies...

The weekend turns into such a blur by Sunday night.

The things I can remember are Lillie fighting for the following: to wear her skin tight Christmas dress for the third week in a row, to not get her hair done/touched whatsoever (we won, if only for a few moments!), to wear her cheapy-handmedown princess boots with backwards tights (adding no compliment to Christmas dress), and to bring her entire zip-bag full of ponies into nursery. Score: Lillie won 117-1.

Grace gets longer and prettier every day. She organizes everyone. She has a real sense of humor. Like, a real one. I love it. My little best friend. She always wants to know what's for dinner. When I tell her I have no idea she is usually dismayed. Let's channel her need to organize and plan! Maybe she'll take over cooking the meals. A mom can dream...

Ruby is a nut. I tell her to buckle her seat belt fifty times daily, every time we get in the car. She doesn't hear me or doesn't listen... and a few seconds later says, "Mom, do we need to buckle?" Maybe there's a swimming pool nearby of which I'm not aware. Maybe when I ask her to do something she slips under the water and swims around... the bubbles transforming my voice into an incomprehensible mush. Metaphorically, it happens every day!

And Tads... the most wonderful lady. She's my mistletoe, my cinnamon stick, my caribbean vacation. If only she'd sleep through the night like she used to. Mama's in her thirties, be kind!!


Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience with a kid like this, maybe she likes the tight clothing because it feels good to her, she likes the squeezing. It calms her. Do you think?

The Hones said...

Oh Sarah, I hope I know my kids like you know yours some day. And speaking from experience, it's not the tightness at all - it's the dress, the frills, the colors, the dreams that come to life when you wear it. She's just a little girl and there's nothing you can do about it.

Holly said...

Your babies are beautiful!!!!!
I could bite your baby!