Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Tuesday.

I am so mentally and physically exhausted from taking care of my four daughters. Sometimes at the end of the day I can barely move. Mysteriously, I can eat chocolate and blog, though, strange.

Took the girls to their school playground this evening. Jake wasn't home and we needed something to do. Lillie fell and scraped her nose. Her nose is the teeniest part of her face. It hides between her cheeks, lips and forehead, so scraping it was nearly impossible. Comfort I gave, and she trotted off and most promptly stubbed her toe.

So I called it a night on account of injuries and said bring it in, girls, we're going home!

I've tried lately to be more present. Really see them, really hear them, really really remember. It's hard. It takes more effort to live this way. But I'm determined. I never want to regret or forget the easy stuff, the daily stuff. I want to tell them someday about their younger selves and how amazing they made us feel.

My doobies who doesn't even know her middle name. The girls stayed home from school with the sniffles and we did "homeschool". A combination of nonsense games that we made up for each other. I gave Ruby a quiz. I asked her, for question #5, what is her middle name? She didn't know. She'd never heard of it. Could it be Doobies? What about Ruby Tuesday? or Dubinator? Nope, I told her: Jean. Ruby Jean. She was surprised. "Oh", she said.

She's got peach fuzz on her skinny bruised little legs and she's got my crooked toes.

Gracie with her cheeks puffed out riding her scooter. She's a creature of compulsive habit. Every day making noises with the air in her cheeks. She does it constantly. Her number one goal is to be my friend and companion. She is a thousand good, kind, friendly people wrapped up in one seven-year-old girl.


Jodi said...

Priceless, it is all just priceless!

Jennifer said...

I love Ruby's middle name. :) I think Abby knows hers is Jean, but that's because she hears "Abigail Jean!" a lot. :P

Cher said...

love this post

Diana said...

I love it too. It is hard to be really present. Exhausting sometimes.
Love the homeschooling. :)