Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Photos

I absolutely cannot resist six or so frames of the same pose. They're hilarious all put together, almost like a video.

It's the second week in a row that I've taken their photo in their pajamas... I keep forgetting until it gets late and I'm too lazy to change them into something cuter.

And seriously... Matilda's hair... seriously...

Monday comes and there's no school, it's a furlough day (Grace said they don't have money to pay the teachers and that's why they don't have to go to school). So what the heck will we do all day besides eat cookies and run circles?

I want to drive them up to Brighton and hike a paved trail around a lake. But really, c'mon, what am I, crazy?

Staying home all day, eating cookies, and not answering my phone... now that's tempting.


The Hones said...

I love that they are in their pajamas. I was thinking even before I read your text that I'm so glad you get shots of them in their normal clothes, not all dolled up. That's how they live most of their childhood, that's how it should be remembered. Have fun tomorrow.

Ash said...

I love your Sunday Photos! I miss those girls!!!

Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

Yep. The hair. That is amazing hair. But an even more amazing face. And just do it. Stay in and get to know them even better.

We went camping and went on an amazing hike that was perfect for the little beans. I was wishing the whole time that we had contacted you and made you come up there.

Alas, I was very sick the week before we went and didn't get relief until the day we left. And then I was just trying to be. For them.

Next time I will attempt to coordinate better because I have several magnets in this universe and one of them is you.

Just so you know.

Jennifer said...

I wish there was no school here! Of course I'd still need the pay. :P We do have early release tomorrow (1hr), but have meetings after the kids are gone.

Your girls are gorgeous as always! Look at Matilda...such a beauty.

Missy said...

#4 is my fave. Matilda looking up at her sisters...