Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Photo

Mothering is much harder than anything I have ever done or ever will do. I'm going to even be more specific-- being the mother of FOUR is much harder than anything I have ever done. One, two and even three wasn't so bad.

Sometimes, when we're driving down the freeway on the way home from something, various little ones cry and fight and scream and throw board books at the back of my headrest.

Sometimes that happens and when it does, explosions happen in my brain. Like when Baghdad was bombed, you remember watching that on TV? The earth was rocking and rolling and there was a firebomb here and a building exploding there and it happened at random and it looked all together very damaging.

Well that's my brain sometimes.

But at the end of the day, at the end of the long sentence that is my day, there's a short little cadence. A sweet song that sums up what we did and what we felt. It's mostly the sweetest song anyone would hear and its melody weaves into my heart and back out again, over and over.

I can hear it when I look at this photo. Sung by a lucky, lucky mama.


Missy said...

lucky you to be able to express yourself not only in words, but photos too. all of this was beautiful. and I think the lighting in this photo is my favorite yet.

(I've heard four is more tough than any other number, and yet I want four so bad!)

The Hones said...

i loved watching you take this photo. your pacifier trick got the cutest smile out of lillie and all the girls. they love their mama, you can see that. they are lucky.

Raelyn said...

I have seen them all...and this is my favorite so far! Very cohesive in its coloring, lighting and of course, cooperation of children. :)

Jennifer said...

A friend of mine told me once that a single person sees a Mom yelling at her kids and thinks "why is the lady yelling at those poor kids." A Mom sees the same thing and says "what did those kids do to that poor Mom."

I was driving through the Wendy's parking lot with my windows down and saw a Mom 'dragging' three boys out of Wendy's. One boy said(whined), "...but I'm hungry." The Mom said "We have peanut butter and Jelly at HOME!" I wonder what they did to her. LOL

Sometimes it's nice to know that I am not alone in my struggles. Abby has been throwing things a lot lately, so I'm there with you. Thankfully, we haven't had the fighting yet since Ethan is too little. I'm enjoying every moment of Abby hugging and loving on him before the fighting starts.

You are an awesome Mom with beautiful girls!