Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Drawings

Ruby's drawing. Riding scooters to the park. Daddy's giving the family a thumb's up and I am bringing up the rear thinking of our family in my thought bubble. Holding a mini Matilda. 
Grace's illustration of Grace and Ruby choosing the right. Dad has no idea where to go. 
Grace's chart. 

Ruby draws a scene in a pet shop. She and Daddy have love halos above their heads.

Ruby's drawing of swimming at the rec center.

Today we had a long discussion about how dangerous marbles are for choking. We don't let them in the house. I told them that they are slippery and round and that they are one of the worst things! This is Ruby's drawing of me cooking eggs, Grace comes to ask me a question and leaves her bag of marbles on the ground. Lillie picks one up and chokes on it. Her throat leads straight to her heart. 


Ash said...

Those are so cute! I love your girls!

Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said... Those were so thoroughly entertaining that I think you need to make a coffee table book out of them. But, actually, I'm totally serious. Those are amazing.

Such a window into how distracted we can be in assuming that those babies think anything like us, or could somehow conform to our world and our rules. They do it their way, I'm sure. Kind of sad, in a way.

k hansen said...

ruby is quite the little artist!

Anonymous said...

hehe soo cute. I have a hilarious card that Ella made for one of our friends for their birthday, gonna put it up on my blog soon! Kids are so classic!

Team Bowers said...

Darling! Too bad "Dad" doesn't know which way to go. Haha!

Latisha said...

Love the drawings! You are so smart to caption them - adorable!