Thursday, September 02, 2010


Since I've had more than one child, it is really hard to have one-on-one time with each of them and it makes me really sad some days.

Today I picked up Ruby from school and within an hour, Tada and Lill were asleep. Ruby and I ate lunch together, did make up and painted nails. No interruptions, an absolutely silent house. I stayed away from things that might distract me and just spent some good time with her.

We ate some cake and she teased me relentlessly. I had to physically restrain her from tickling my feet one more time. She's such a lover and I love that little face and neck like I always have.

She described herself in phrases like, "beyond beautiful" and "so so absolutely beautiful". I hope she always feels that way because it's so, so true.


Team Bowers said...

Those are the best moments!!!

Bart and Michelle said...

Today after school Spencer said to me, "I really like Ruby. I think she's my favorite girl buddy. And she's really funny." :) I loved that...we need to get them together!

vicky said...

You are such a good mom :)