Monday, September 14, 2009


These two love going here, it's their absolute favorite.
It's not Lillie's happy place, however.

Thrilling 15mph turns in the parking lot tram!
In the monorail, almost there.
Can't we just go home so I can walk circles in the house? My whining is heard and responded to more readily there.

And below, Jake holding Ruby a little too high. The look on Ruby's face, hilarious.
That's better.
I remember thinking in March that we shouldn't buy season passes to Disney, we should just save our money for something else. I am so glad we didn't.


Kristen said...

We are Disney fanatics in our household. I was raised in southern California so going to Disneyland is like going home for me. I can't get enough of it.

We're actually venturing to Orlando at the end of this month for a week at Disneyworld. My kids can't wait...they're especially excited for the airplane ride (we live in Utah).

I love reading about your joy as a mother. I love the sweet pictures of your family.

Yes, I'm a blog stalker, but one of the friendly kind (how scary could a LDS mother of 4 be?) :)

Celeste said...

How fun! I love Disney. Love the pic with Ruby looking like she is going to jump! You look so beautiful!

Melissa Summers said...

We used to have passes to Disneyland and I loved it just as much as the kids did.

jakenapril said...

awesome! one day we'll make it to disneyworld, but until then we'll take the one that's closer...we'll be there in 2 weeks! the kids are so excited. what is it about disneyland that so infectiously amazing? yeah, glad you didn't save your $$. these pictures are worth a thousand $.

Latisha said...

Looks like a great day!

dude said...


Jessie said...


Kristie said...

Save money for what? I think money well spent judging from Ruby & Grace's HUGE smiles. Lillie will come around.

Oh, and that photo with Ruby wondering why her dad is about to throw her overboard....hilarious.

Kristie said...
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k said...

So fun! I WISH WISH WISH AZ had a cool theme park like that to visit! Love the pics, esp the narration. :0)

Clarke and Kamie said...

hey, dont feel too guilty. we live in utah and are disneyland season pass holders:)
it's just too magical of a place!