Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rad outfit #521

Talked to Ruby again today about peeing. She says it's boring. And she's super sick of it. And sometimes she can't make it to the toilet because she wants to keep playing. Playing all the time, every second.

And peeing is boring.

Oh, the Issues.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A cousin of ours.

This was after:
The girls bossed their boy cousin around all morning.
They had him dance to ABBA for 20 minutes.
Ruby told me she was sick of peeing like a girl.

This was before:
Nearly a gallon of water was spilled on the kitchen floor.
They drank lemonade out of medicine droppers for 2 hours.
They memorized the words to the Go Diego Go! theme song.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break, Day 1

This shot wraps up who she is and packages it neatly. I will narrate. Her neck is slightly strained, so that her smile might reach the highest height possible. Her bottom hand is in a cupping shape. It wants to be neat and tidy, and it is. She is showing her teeth, but only because her parents like it. If it was up to her, she would cover them up like she does when she's nervous. Her favorite shirt, check, her favorite jeans, check. Which, by the tell-tale white sock showing are too short for her after only owning them for a month. And lastly, her sketchers. Never has a girl loved a name brand as much as my Gracie loves and talks about her sketchers.

What I see is milky white skin, smiling eyes, that thick black hair that silences me and a soul that is doing somersaults in that small body of hers. She writes loves notes to James R., envelopes them, takes them with her to school and as Daddy is dropping her off, gets nervous and stashes them in the glove compartment. She's too scared to ask the lunch lady to help her open her fruit cup, so she just doesn't eat it. She takes her pony tail out every single day and gives the hair elastic to Kelsey.

Today we took a family walk after dinner. We went over to the bridge that overlooks a lake. Grace ran far ahead and stood still suddenly, the wind blowing her hair. Her lips stuck out and her hands clutched the book that she just couldn't leave at home and I stopped and stared. And closed my eyes for a moment. I will never forget how she looked then. Absolutely the most beautiful living thing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Unconditional Love

You think you're going to have it, you hope you will. But there's no guarantee until you have that baby and feel the unconditional love pour down over your scalp, spilling onto your shoulders. The shoulders that suddenly feel pounds of responsibility.

Last night she was up, up, and up again. Runny nose and fever and her just wanting to tear me limb from limb, and cuddle. Then awake too early, nursing too much, crying constantly. Right after her 52nd drink of the morning, I took her diaper off and she bolted faster than I could catch her. Crawling naked with thigh chub is a sight for the weary (that's me). She came back toward me, pulled herself up, and peed on my pajamas. That warm liquid went through to my skin quite nicely and I groaned. Time to get dressed, I guess.

The thing is, she's perfect. She's got all her fingers. She's got a pristine little nose that is perched in the middle of a gorgeous, expressive, understanding face. She dances. Her lymphatic and nervous system run properly. She's completely normal. And we're all so thankful for that. And I know we have it all. But there's one more thing. I would like to inform "influenza" that she is not welcome here and never was {no offense}.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Utah Funeral.

Grave site later that day. Very peaceful.

When we attended Pa's viewing on Friday, our mood was heavy with reality. It was quiet and solemn as we entered the viewing room and walked past our loved one. But as we came back out into the hall, a flurry of voices could be heard. The hall was completely full of the Radman family that Pa had created. There were cousins and siblings who loved each other, tossing back smiles and laughter. It was a room of love fit for a king and I think we knew who would have loved it most.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Unique Example.

He is Jacob's grandfather, but I had the chance to spend lots of time with him. I could go on about what kind of man he was, what his hands looked like, the way he spoke, his firm grip and table etiquette. But what I remember most is how he always had a smile left for me.

Ivan Radman passed away on Saturday afternoon. People all over the world will miss him. We stand taller having known him and I feel privileged to be a part of his family. We will be in Salt Lake this weekend for his funeral.

Deseret News Obituary:

Ivan Radman 1928 ~ 2009

Ivan Radman passed away March 14, 2009 in the arms of his wife and children, blanketed in the love of 30 grandchildren, 19 great-grand-children and dear friends. Born, March 22, 1928 in Radmani on the Dalmatian Coast of Yugoslavia to Joseph Radman and Natalia Stefanic, Ivan learned early the value of dedication to task, wisdom in choice as well as the perils of totalitarianism. His young years were spent tending the family's farm and animals as well as serving in their small village grocery store. World War II brought turmoil and destruction to their region with friends and family members suffering the ravages of war. Forced from his family and homeland in his teens as a political refugee, Ivan sought asylum in Italy for the duration of the war before migrating to Australia in 1949 on a program for displaced persons.

Ivan met and married the love of his life, Janet Tredrea, whose love has enriched their 56 wondrous years together. They were subsequently sealed in the Logan temple for time and all eternity. Six children were born to their union, Peter, Martin, Jordan, Donna (Smylie), JoAnne (Crook), Bronte (Clarke). Ivan became a member of the LDS church in 1952 and has engaged in faithful service as a home teacher, bishop, mission president of the Italy Milan mission and the New Zealand Christchurch mission, as well as many other callings. Ivan cherished his experiences with his missionaries and has held dear in his heart each one individually. His love of, and devotion to gospel principles has been the cornerstone of his life.

In 1978 Ivan, Janet and family moved to the United States, settled in Salt Lake City, built a home, started a family business and eventually became proud US citizens. Ivan embraced life with enthusiasm, boundless energy, abiding respect for his fellow man, unwavering confidence in the resiliency of the human spirit and indomitable passion in all his endeavors. He loved sports, especially tennis and squash. In all his pursuits, Ivan brought his best game, a generosity of spirit, relentless effort and determination. He taught by example, inspired through actions and encouraged with exhortation and compassion. His greatest joy came through interaction with his family, friends and associates.

Ivan loved life, lived each day to its fullest, always maintained a sense of humor through adversity and rose to meet every challenge. He will be dearly missed. The family extends a special thanks to the doctors and nurses of the ICU at SL Regional Medical Center. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, March 21 at 12 p.m. at the LDS Mount Olympus 2nd Ward located at 3862 E. Oakview Drive (4342 S). Friends may call Friday, March 20 from 6-8 p.m. at Memorial Mortuary, 5850 S. 900 E. Burial will be in Holladay Memorial Park, 4900 Memory Lane (1900 E.) Condolences and contact info: jeanie.yates@wfengineering.com

Sunday, March 15, 2009

If I had a nickel for every picture I took...

We went to Disneyworld on Friday, and I brought my little point and shoot camera.
The girls enter Main Street...
I love what's going on in this photo in the bottom right hand corner.

Lillie sees and wants some sucker.

Oh, Lill, here's a lick!

Stick out your tongue!

That tastes so very good!

She owns the world at this moment.

Dad, seriously, Cinderella. She knows me!

Me and my sticky-faced lover baby.

Just a little girl in the world..

So sunny, Mommy.

Two different girls.

One rosy-cheeked chick turns six.

Stopped to snack on Ruby's cheek, OH, I mean McDonald's fries and Powerade.

'Bout to fly away.

Character observation.

Somebody's peeved. Ruby, you can't ride the teacups lookin' like that.

Loving each other on the roller coaster.

Teacups, finally. Showing the happy tongue.

Jake and girls right before they got soaked.

Purely for documentation. Not my modeling audition photo. I took that one earlier in the day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Road to Six.


It's bound to happen. Someone looks you up and down and has a sentence or two about what you're like, who they think you are. I nod and agree. They're partially right. But they don't know you like we do. How could they possibly? I look at the ground and six years flash by and feel like a thousand. The gap in your teeth, the smell of your little girl sweat, your smiling eyes, the click of your heels.

These little things and you are what make me a mother.

Now you stretch to the middle of my ribcage. That's how tall you are. Your belly that was once so two-years-old, so full and round, has formed into a girly waist.

You are kind and thoughtful. You remember everything about people. You are interested in the moon.

There are times when our minds wrestle each other for control. Sometimes you win, sometimes I do. You come to me when you're afraid. Sometimes you cry like a baby. You rely on me for gentle comfort. I hang onto your hugs for seconds longer than you ever want to. And you let me.

This year, your birthday falls on a day when your Great-Grandfather is very ill. He is a great man and has given you a family that loves you very much. One that I am privileged to have married into. This time of life is a blunt reminder of how quickly it flies.

You have shot up from the ground, into the sky and I struggle to keep up. You're six, and stunningly beautiful. You'll always be my first love. My very first fist full of warmth and love. My heart-opener. I'll never forget it.

Happy Birthday.