Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Beach in December

I hate to brag, but SERIOUSLY. It's WINTER and we're at the BEACH. Ruby was a bit of a princess pea (obsessively washing the sand off her hands and holding them in the air until they dried), but Gracie wouldn't stay out of the water!! It was 80 degrees this week- should cool down to the 50's next week. I know, you all want to either visit me or kill me... No wonder all the old people come down here for the winter! P.S.-- They're really bad drivers. On the positive side, they take things slow, which is good in a small town.
A New Year is starting and we all feel a little bit fresh. Like, "let's give this another go, shall we?"

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Papa Smylie came to us as Santa Claus and even the newborns loved it! When Papa Smylie came back in the room later dressed as just Papa, Grace was very concerned that he had missed the show and told him that, "the REAL Santa came here! He did!!"
We miss all our family that wasn't with us this year. Levi, Rebecca, and my family- too many to name, but you know who you are!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hannah and Ruby

Below: Hannah, Me, Rachel
Below: Me, Hannah, Rachel
Below: Hannah, Me, Rachel (apparently I hadn't eaten sweets since my last birthday).
Ruby, of course.
This is only because my Mother-in-law and I have been in constant discussion/agreeance about how much Ruby looks like my little sister Hannah! I come from a monstrous family (not only in noise level, but in size). 9 kids. Rachel's the oldest, then me, then Hannah. Rachel's in Iraq, I'm in Florida, and Hannah's in Utah. But Merry Christmas-- we are all together on my blog! Here are some pictures. Take some time away from holiday-ish-ness and tell me if you think Ruby looks more like my sister than ever (it will make Hannah's week, month, and year).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ingrid Michaelson is coming!!!

So now I live in Florida, and all these great artists who would never think about showing up in Utah, and only seem to hang out on the East Coast, like to come to FLORIDA. Ingrid Michaelson is coming to Orlando on January 26th. This is your official invitation. EVERYONE is invited. You can stay at my house, only 45 minutes away from Orlando. We can eat salad and lasagna and hang out for a day. Swim in shark-infested waters. Go to Disneyworld. Ride some roller coasters (I can watch you since I am pregnant and can't ride). Then we can go see Ingrid in concert. Which will pretty much be AMAZING.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hm.... checking out the lake behind our building... let's see what today has in store for us. Mom wanted to "explore" and all, so maybe there's something interesting here...
Oh look! A sign! Come on Ruby, let's so see what it says... Looks like there's a picture on it which helps since we can't really read.

Next step, ask mom what this sign says. Maybe that's why we came in the first place. To look at a sign. Definitely not the funnest afternoon.
Wait a minute. Did mom just shout that there's an alligator on the opposite shore and then take a picture of it with her camera??? Aren't we in danger?? Shouldn't she be worried??
Well I'm worried. Come on Ruby, let's get the heck out of here. No one seems to be concerned for our safety, so as your big sister, I must take you under my wing. I'm here to protect. If it's in my best interest that is...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So. We're here.

I think Grace and Ruby really like the warmer weather. The gleeful screaming coming from our backyard while they got their clothes soaking wet in the hose? Proof. Below is not our actual building, but it's where we live. There are lakes everywhere!!
The "forest" behind our house...
Our backyard (which is why I chose this community).
Here is what we left behind in Utah! A beautiful neice Kayla. A kind, understanding, funny sister Hannah, and a LOT of snow.

After a five-hour flight (much better than the four-day drive Jake had to take) to Florida, we stepped off the plane and the girls said several things. Grace: "That was a LONG flight!" (with a sigh). Ruby from the window of the airplane looking toward the Tampa airport: "I tink I see Daddy!!" Grace: "We are FINALLY in Florida, huh Mommy?" Ruby every day of the entire 12 days we were without Jake: "I really miss Daddy!" (with a super whiny voice). Ruby again: "I can't wait to go swumming!!"

So far we've only gone "swumming" in the faucet outside because of all the cleaning and unpacking to do. We plan on the beach in the next few days, the community pool, a walk by the lake, and lastly, a bath! We hope this finds everyone well and getting ready for Christmas! My holiday preparations so far? I bought a cinnamon candle.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Moving Again.. (I'm sure you're not surprised).

We are moving to Florida! Jake has a job there and we will be living in Lakeland... halfway between Tampa and Orlando. It's sudden, I know... we've been thinking of making that move for a long time and finally things came together! Jake's family lives there, so we'll live by great people, and I am planning on my family visiting from CA throughout the summer (did you hear that, family??). We are sad to leave our great friends and family in Utah (especially my sister Hannah)!! I apologize for not telling some of you more personally, but I have run out of time! We are very excited and I couldn't be more thrilled to live in such a great climate. I'm wondering what kind of experiences and adventure this next chapter of life will bring.

Jake has already driven our stuff out there and has started work this week. I am staying behind with the girls to put our townhouse on the market, organize everything, tie up loose ends, etc. (and if you know anyone that is looking to buy a place in Lehi, let me know!!!). The girls and I fly out this weekend.

We are so blessed to have such an adventurous life and honestly, I LOVE MOVING and going to a new place!

Ruby asked, "Are we moving to Forida?"


"Is Daddy in Forida awready?"


"When are we moving dair?"

"We are moving there in a week."

Very, very concerned, "CAN I GO WITCH YOU GUYS???"

As if we were leaving her behind...