Sunday, September 03, 2006

Meds unite.

Miriam and Gideon. "Mirs" and "Gidbones". Words can't describe, but I always give it a shot, so here it goes...
When Gideon was born, I was assigned to be his special guardian. I come from a big family and mom and pop created this custom for us to take care of each other. I remember feeling like it was my big moment--my guardian child was finally coming and I would be his mentor and he would definitely bow to me (although I only vocalized to my mother a feeling of "excitement" and skipped the "tyranny" bit). Into the hospital room I charged, and pulled my 8-yr-old self onto the chair next to my mother's bed. All I saw was a big brown head wrapped in a white blanket.
Then I got to hold him and he was big from that moment on. Big head, big shoulders, big eyes... Then a few years later, he started talking and didn't stop until he was 16. Then he stopped talking. Funny faces? yes. Weird noises? yes. Funny smells, lots of video games and wrestling? yes, yes, and yes. But not too much talking. He started talking a little more lately, and my brother Gideon is now one of my best friends and I can't help welling up inside (he would kill me and mop up the sap) when I think about how much I love that kid. He will be a man when he comes back from his mission. I will miss him.
Miriam. I feel like I go through life talking to people. Talking and relating and befriending. My mind makes connections with certain people and they are chemical connections, full of a thousand different mental paths and each person is equal to the sum of those mental paths .... uh... ok... I'm losing my train of thought.. point being, Miriam has the highest sum of connected brain synapses with me. Our brains connect whether we say a thousand words or one. It's quite amazing. She is one of the smartest people I know. Hard to imagine her in San Antonio for 18 months with no phone calls!?!?! But she will be in a state of higher learning and of course, serving Heavenly Father and preaching the truth to Texans. She is just the woman for it. I love you Miriam.


Naomi Medley said...

sarah you have such a good way with words. i can only second all you have said about those two. the only thing is that they are my big brother and sister. but nonetheless they are awesome. we both look up to them both. i get to have them for a while before they go on the missions. i love your little girls too. i miss them so much already. love ya

Grama Mary said...

Sarah, I truly cannot read this without crying and being completely amazed at the beauty of my children (and grandchildren). It is not only because I am only 5'2" that I say that I look up to them all (and not long before I AM looking up to your girls!). Thank you for reminding me again of my precious family. I will miss Gid and Mirs as well, but what greater happiness than to send them into the mission field where so many parents long to send theirs. Love, Mom