Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Graciegirl" and "Dubes", "Dubies", "Dubinator", "Lubylou", "Rubyluby"

Let me take a few moments to talk about my girls. If you are sick of hearing about them, I don't blame you and please, hit the back button and browse again in a few days when this child love fest is over... because this is only for those that appreciate children for being: loud, whiny, perfect, stinky, wet, sticky, fun, funny, hilarious, gorgeous, and completely worthy of all the love we give them.

This photo of Ruby's hand draped over Jake's shoulder was a must-have. If you look close, she has peanut butter and jelly stuck between her fingers from lunchtime...which was at least 5 hours before this photo was taken. There is a photo of Ruby with a green twig behind her ear. Her face in that picture is the same as every other thing you "put on her head". She will get a washcloth and drape it over her hair and waddle over and beg eye contact and a gush of praise from me, or whoever is around. Then she'll walk off with the most serious look on her face as if she's in a fashion show and MUST NOT fall off that runway at all cost.

The photo of Grace sitting on a rock at the foot of Bridal Veil falls--- I have stared at her hands and fingers all of her life and most of mine (I feel like I started my 'real' life after I had kids). When she's thinking or concentrating intently, she will touch her fingers together like that and move her pinkies around. And don't her legs look so cute with her cotton striped pants rolled up like that? Thanks for rolling those up, Miriam!
Ok, phew. Deep breath. I'm done.
---I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!---
Ok, now I'm really done.


Lindsey Eden said...

Okay, I fell in love all over again with your girls just then.. They are precious!

The Nutty Nielsen's said...

I love that you are so good at describing your girls. I wish I had that talent. They are very cute girls.

LuCDay said...

Goes to show that Mom's see so much more out of a picture than anyone else does. Good thing you have the captions so everyone else can see the same. They're so cute, can't wait to see them next month!

Elizabeth said...

They are completely adorable. I wish they could play with my girls sometime....I know they'd have so much fun :)

Kelly said...

You take the greatest pictures! I need a lesson from you. Once again I have to say you're a wonderful writer, so descriptive. Must have done well in all of your English classes!

Anonymous said...

i am in love with your descriptive posts. i hope someday when i have kids (which i want desperately right now but my partner isnt ready) i can write about them this subperbly. your daughters are going to have the most wonderful record of their lives through your eyes when they grow up. i wish blogging was around when we were growing up...though my memories of growing up in the 80's have a warm feeling to them..a feeling of sunshine and peanut butter and walks with mom and blackberry picking...anyways. one of my cat's names is ruby (which is why i think i started reading your blog in the first place. anyone else who agrees Ruby is a fantastic name deserves closer scrutiny) and one of her many nicknames is RubyCanuby..a friend of mine called her that once and i couldnt resist using it over and over its so stinkin' cute :)