Thursday, March 05, 2015

So I asked my neighbor Monica to trim Lillie and Tada's hair while we took Ruby out on her birthday date (by the way, she turned 10!!).

I picked them up and got home... all the girls were just brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed, etc.... I was washing the dishes while Jake talked to me about the day and birthday girl.

I finally went upstairs to get changed into my jammies and noticed some hair in the trash can of the bathroom! I found out that Lillie cut Tada's hair! I was mad and confronted Lillie and sort of let it go.

This morning when I woke up Tada I brought it back up and said, "Tada why did you let Lillie cut your hair??"

She said, "I didn't want her to!"

I said, "why didn't you run away??"

She said, "Cause I was going potty!"

I was dying laughing at this point because I realized Lillie cut Tada's hair while Tada was sitting on the pot!

Funniest story ever! I was laughing so hard. What perfect, nutty little girls! Love them. Despite the bad haircuts!

xo Mama

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I said goodbye to my sister a short hour ago. She and her husband Sean left with the kids after a half day's visit (all that's allowed). Never long enough. She comes to San Diego every year and it's almost too much to see her because I get too sad and miss her too much.

We had such a great New Year's. Stayed downtown again at the Embassy Suites. We walked in and the hotel was under construction. The happy hour was FREEZING as we ordered our drinks because it was a construction zone. Meanwhile Grace was shoving (hoarding) crackers in her sweatshirt and I was laughing about that. Ruby was saying she gets a headache every time she smells alcohol and I was laughing about that, too. Tada was on the floor for some reason. Lillie was being a good girl eating her bowl of potato chips and celery. Then the wanted to GO TO THE POOOOOOLLL. So we went up and changed and headed down with all the other parents in the hotel to the frickin pool. It was 40 degrees out but kids wanna swim, dammit!

I sat with Jake and enjoyed our free life we have. The San Diego bay was right next to us, we had had a great 2014 and we were headed in a great direction. We went back up to the room and the kids were bugging of course but we tried to break up the fights and keep things calm. Watched a lot of TV. When it struck midnight we all kissed and then collapsed into bed for a pseudo bedtime (took about 45 minutes!)

I love my family no matter how tough.