Friday, February 22, 2013

Florida Christmas

 Walking in the door to a big hug from Nana. 

 Fun never stops in Florida. 

 Christmas Eve dinner. Love us all together, gathered round.

 Always sloshing across the floor to Nana's bath after the swimming pool. 

 Admiring this little sleeping animal.

 Playing Go Fish at Nana and Papa's beach condo. 

 Swimming at Clearwater Beach on a cold day.

 Lunch with Rebecca.

 Of the Toddler Variety. They're all so different, even at this age. 

 The firework extravaganza for New Year's.

 Apple Nerd Alert.

These chicks.

 Watch out, Lakeland, girls on the loose.

 Ohhh and this little thing. Yummy.

 Papa is amazing at the iPad. Yes, that is a skill.

 These babies are going to grow up and be the most perfect human beings.

 Everyone looking on as Donna cooks another delicious meal. (we do help sometimes)

 Gingerbread houses. Happy to just step back and take photos!

 Addy and Jane playing in the library.

 Papa holding the "star" (tiara), while some take wise man gifts from Nana.

 Nana got some little costumes for the kids to act out the Nativity story. (with a REAL baby!)

 The chaos.. the beautiful and memorable chaos.

 She does the nervous smile when she holds a real baby.

 This family. Soon to add Henry's little brother, Otto.

 More people standing around loving each other. Nana's holding Tali, who's whining is softened by the fact that she wears mint colored skinny jeans.

This family lived at the house with us for the whole two weeks. Rebecca and I, who were already friends, became like sisters and fell right into the "big family" sort of habits of helping each other constantly. We have so much in common.

 And... these little cuties. Missing Ali's 3, almost 4 kids. All together, or separately, could probably bring down North Korea's nuclear weapons. Most definitely.

Love them all in this line, you can see their sizes. 

 Wild forest children, running toward you like a nightmare. RUNNNNNN!

 No, they're actually really cute and nice. 

 Squeezed in a few shots of this beautiful belly. Poor Henry will need to wait awhile before his brother will be able to play trains.

 Bit overwhelmed on his second birthday, but his cake is amazing, made by his dad.

 Tada blew out his candles. She's a helicopter cousin.

 The love! The magic! The weary mothers! The 582 hours of conversation! Love these women.

Gracie having a hold. Such a good mama already.

The "silly" photo that turned out to be my favorite. 

Trip home. We were very sad to leave Nana and Papa's house and all the excitement and fun.

I gained an exceptional second family when I married Jake. Jake's mother gives the most sound advice and I go to her often. I could talk to her and Jake's dad for hours on end and learn so much every time. And there is no laughing like when a big family laughs at the past or present. We were so lucky to visit for those two weeks. Miss, miss, miss them.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


As I'm braiding her hair for crazy hair day:

"I decided I DO want to get married. I definitely do. But whenever I think about getting married or dating I just get worried. I mean, I don't know how to fall in love or what. I'm not sure how to meet a boyfriend, or how to have a boyfriend. Maybe you can help me, Mom, maybe when I'm older, like in middle school, you can help me with the boyfriend stuff. You can tell me what to do."

I melt in a puddle on the floor.

I am on the edge of my seat: WHO WILL SHE DATE, WHO WILL SHE MARRY? I can't stand it, My mind builds a house and locks her inside, never to release. How can she be in this world, in all her fragility? I think my throat can't handle this type of lump.