Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bits of News.

On a random day a week or two ago, I snapped a few shots of my babies lying around the house. Wednesday is our grocery day, so all summer these little gangsters have been coming with me. It is FUN times. Their clothing and faces this particular day needed to be documented. 

Grace and Ruby started school on Wednesday. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, and I'm not trying to be dramatic. I watched their skinny little necks crane at the morning assembly, taking in every new sight. A new school, completely new kids and teachers. Out of their element. I wanted to scoop them up and run for the hills, but number one, I'd probably get stuck in traffic on the 5 on my way out of town. Number two, my girls need to do hard things. They need to grow and I know that. But geeeeez, their tiny little faces are just too much.

The first day went well, they told me. Kids can be kind and this school is no different. I started breathing again when they were back in my arms that afternoon. Believe me when I say I've been looking forward to school starting and them having socialization and schedule. Just didn't plan on it being so hard to let them go. 

Lillie finally got called from a waitlist for preschool and will start next week. She is beyond thrilled. It's all she talks about. Her eyes disappear into a toothy grin about any preschool-related topic. Any apprehension on my part is doused by her unbridled excitement. 

I must say.... that Tada is a parent's greatest little treasure. She's got the best sense of humor and tells jokes, "Banana poopoo? ha ha ha", "babydiaperapples? ha ha ha". She is soft and squishy. She has my flat feet, knocky knees, and looks the most like me. My two favorite things are when she runs or when she rolls her eyes. She also does those two things together. 

Walking the girls to and from school turns into a nature appreciation session with Lillie and Tadd in tow. It's ridiculous! With weather in the mid-eighties we stop every few feet to look at the ants and the bees and the flowers, I am running defense trying to keep them out of the street, and by the time we get there I've got sweat dripping down my weary back. But hey, they've poked every snail's feelers in for a quarter mile and THAT'S an accomplishment.

Last night at the beach was beautiful. Perfect weather but the waves were pretty rough. We brought a boy from Grace's class with us and she was going to teach him how to surf. I was afraid the waves were too rough, but she dragged her surfboard out there, caught the first wave and quickly stood up, riding it all the way in like an all-star while the boy looked on. I was so proud of her. She told me later how much they have in common (they both like apple cider). I both love and hate seeing her enthralled with a boy. 


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Ali said...

I swear, in that picture with your grandparents, you don't look a day over 18! I am not kidding.

I hugged your mom today. Are you jealous? She gives good hugs.

I love your girls. I love looking at the pictures you take of them. I miss you! Talk to you later.