Monday, July 30, 2012

Tadd, etc.

Tada talks like an Indian brave.

Tada. Out. Bed.
Daddy. No. Munch (lunch).
No. Bebe (Ruby). Hit.
Tada. Dink. Jush!

Right now I'm hunkered in her bedroom, sandwiched between Lillie's curly head of hair and her younger sister who is practicing every antic she has learned in her 2.2 years to keep herself awake. She is the baby of the family, after all.

This place, northern San Diego County, has got to be pretty close to paradise. I walk out onto the beach each day, laden with towels and things, the breeze and beauty assaulting my senses. I cannot believe this is our life. We stay until close to bedtime most days, little awareness of the passage of time. The tides fear no person and there is great comfort in watching a beach full of people tiptoe around the sea's force and rhythm.

We meet so many people, each day, each week, weathered by the sun and accustomed to life down here. They are extremely friendly and happy.

There is sand in our beds, the kitchen, the garage, the car. It really is the best permanent vacation of our lives.

I have taken most of my photos with my iPhone recently for Instagram and now can use the Blogger app to get them here easily. I looked back on my blog the other day and got stressed out about how much I HAVEN'T documented. Ever since we moved I have felt like I can't catch up.

But I'm determined to, one of these days when the sun stops shining so much!

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chanel said...

i love your life!
it is lived.
it is appreciated.
it is celebrated.
it is enjoyed.
it is recorded (enough!).
it is beautiful.