Thursday, February 02, 2012


I read to the older girls tonight, James and the Giant Peach. My voice bouncing off the thin walls as the younger two fell asleep in the neighboring rooms. Grace on one arm, Ruby on the other, we went through chapter after chapter. Curiosity mounted when James had an idea. He would rope some seagulls and the peach would fly. 

Right then, their world got magical. It's happened a million times before, when that warm feeling in your heart seems tangible. When you know you are where you should be. When all is right. They smile, the sparkle in their eyes stinging my cheeks. I smile back, and hang on their excitement until the last bit drips slowly into my palms. They're growing up. But not tonight.

We finished chapter 24 and they finished whining and I kissed them and they kissed me back, I turned out the light and went to check on the little girls. Tada lets out a sleepy little hoarse cry. Her nose is stuffy and she can't get comfortable. My hands run over her hair and onto her cheeks and I turn her on her side to tuck her in. Lillie is asleep in my bed so I carry her into her room like I do every night. Her body curled up and quiet for the first time today. She's so calm when she sleeps, her eyelids shut so tight.

Another day gone and the future is bright.


Rebecca Smylie said...

I'm so excited to be able to read real books to my kids. And Roald Dahl, Sarie, you've nailed it. Like the new look. Miss you. Read Matilda next. Then Witches. And promise to do a good voice for the BFG.

chanel said...

oh my gosh i love your posts. LOVE.
You make me a better mother and i lvoe you for it.

Missy said...

I have James and the Giant Peach next on my list to read with Avery. So good. Roald Dahl can't be beat.