Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lots of girls.

The girls and their little girl friends. I'm missing the fourth sister in their family, she was playing in Tada's room. I can't believe we live so close to a family with four girls. And their mom is an amazing woman. So lucky to have them as friends. 

Look at this beauty! I always wondered what my babies would look like and as my girls were born one by one, the anticipation grew. Now that I knew what one or two looked like, what would the NEXT one look like? And here she is. My fourth. Those shiny little eyes and the nutty personality. She's feminine and sweet. And a big tease.

Grace and Ruby are laughing hysterically in their bedroom. Miles from asleep for the night. The late evening is the time when I can really reflect on my family. How important they all are to me. The dinner's been cleaned up, homework done, kisses, and I sit here and think about what I gave, what I lacked, how it could have been better and what's to come tomorrow.

Each of them give something extremely significant to me. All of their successes and downfalls are different.

Grace told me yesterday she always wants to be single. She said she doesn't want to trouble with the wedding planning and stuff. I have no idea where she thinks of these things. She does the dishes now. She hates it, but she loads the whole dishwasher, washes out the sink, puts the soap in and starts it up. She never gets cold. She stays out sledding with Jake for hours and never complains.

Ruby told me that she decided on a new favorite animal. Birds. We were sitting on her bed tonight just after I helped her into pajamas. She said when we went to the museum I wouldn't let her go into the gift shop where she just knew they sold stuffed birds. Then she started crying. And her cheeks were red and big tears spilled down her cheeks before I could stop them. All the stresses of the day came flooding out. She's thoughtful and deep. And gives all her money to Sudan in an envelope with her beautiful handwriting on it, "Sudan Money".

Lillie is still the hottest fire in the bunch. She challenges me in every way. She threw the hugest fit (one of many) today because no one would stay in the front of the house with her. I was putting away laundry and had to walk from the front to the back of the house about ten times. Every single time I walked past her she grew more furious. She has another side. She tightens up her throat for her patronizing voice, "you're the betht mom ezzer!". She cocks her head to the side and crinkles up her brow and puts every single bit of brain matter into life. Into questions. And people, places, relationships. She's all in and I am learning patience every day.

Tada is my crazy little sparrow. My past self is very jealous of my current self. The self who owns a baby who eats EVERYTHING. Every vegetable, salad, steak, guacamole, chili, lasagna and much more. I didn't know such a child existed. She has completely flat feet, no arches. Exactly like me. Which causes her knees to hug each other. She flits and floats about armed with only her dainty little run. She said "teeth" today but it sounded like "Beesh". I hold her down and kiss her at least 2,367 times a day. That girl has a tremendous sense of humor.

Welp, that's all for tonight. I made a goal for this year that I'd at least blog once a week. Easy to do, not overwhelming and just right for my work load.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you write about each one of them--those details probably won't be remembered years down the road and you'll be so glad you captured them. I know, I know, I need to start. OK maybe. :)


Emily Allen said...

Your girl's are each so beautiful & unique. I love the way you write about them, Sarah. And Teri's girls. . . Adorable and intelligent. So happy. I grew up in a family with 8 girls total. I'm so glad all the girls play with each other & have their own version of 8 sisters. Friends forever. ;)

chanel said...

love this. i mean LOVE it. our girls would be such good friends- especially our last ones!!

Kate said...

I can't believe how much I love your kids. I would take each and every one of them, even that spicy Lillie. ;) Beautiful blog post Sarah. You are such a thoughtful mother. Lucky girls you have.

Missy said...

LOVE it. Love your descriptions and your way of capturing it. Once a week is a doable goal. I'll take it:)