Monday, November 14, 2011

After School.

When the girls get home from school, I throw a blanket over the day. "That's enough", I think, "that's enough of everything. You're mine.". I fuss over them and clean them up. Wash school off their face and hands. Get them comfy. Take off their shoes, get their backpacks hung up, check them over. Breathe on them, nose into their business, and generally stare. They tolerate me.

Tonight I told the older ones that mommy has one wish: that they hold their sister's needs over their own. That they put their own wants on the shelf. They let their sister have the first drink, the first choice of dish and cup and spoon. Set goals for unity instead of selfishness. (We shall see.)

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chanel said...

wow! i know it sounds simple, but could you be any better of a mother? IM SERIOUS!
Tomorrow MY GOAL is to be like you.

I feel the same way that when school is out, "thats enough" but I think MY day is done, I need to "Breathe on them, nose into their business, and generally stare" MORE.

thanks for the continual inspiration.