Monday, October 31, 2011

Ninja - Scientist - Unicorn - Snow White

They all lay peacefully in their beds with clean faces and hands. Another holiday gone. Lillie was exactly Tada's age and size when we moved from Florida to Utah. Here we are now, walking through the neighborhood on a cold October night with our little girls. Growing older by the second. They trick-or-treat with dear friends. Grace's friend walks right beside her and they talk between houses. Their voices float together as they teach each other things about life, both just 8 years old. Just like I did with my own friends today.

I wake every morning thankful for my life and my babies. And all of my family. For the sweet-smelling air of this place and for simple food and places and people. For all the laughter that will come my way. For those in my life that give me love. For Jake. For our privileged existence.

I can only hope it will always be this good.


Anonymous said...

#5 Aussie Shelley

Love the dress-up. You should ask Granda Smylie about his ninja dress-ups and it wasn't even halloween. I will have to try to find the photo. xxx love to all Shelley

Cher said...

such cute pictures! and a great post as well, like always