Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Snowbird (and Monday Photos) (and Somalia).

We went up to Snowbird today. After a weekend of everyone being sick, we needed to get out. The mountains here are beautiful, breathtaking, they will knock you down. We had a great time. The canyon puts me in a trance and I think I captured it with the last few.

Funny things that happened this weekend:

-- I was squished in bed at 4am between puking Ruby and whining-for-a-movie Lillie. Jake was sick and sleeping on the couch.
-- Jake was laying in bed with Ruby and she threw up on him.
-- Grace threw up at school. Once in the wastebasket, once in a cup and twice in the bathroom before I got a call from the school! She was mortified.
-- Jake and I watched TV the other night in silence. I could barely laugh I was so sick. It was really funny, though, because it was the closest we both had been to being in a coma together.

I really hate it when people complain about being sick, don't you?

Anyway, girls are back in school tomorrow... Fall is in the air, we could feel it. A few of my tomato plants that have hung on forever before ripening are going orange now. I've got perfectly ripe peaches on my counter (from Costco), the mornings are a bit crispy and I'm craving hot drinks. Being up in the mountains today, it's hard to believe that in a few months there will be feet upon feet of snow up there!

One more thing: my whole body aches for the people of Somalia. Please, please, if you haven't donated, it's easy. Just text SURVIVE to 20222 to make a $10 donation. Or you can visit this site and lots of others: Cnn: ways you can help.

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