Monday, July 18, 2011


Me and the satchel. She is 24.5 pounds, give or take. So one time I got tired. And we stopped to rest in a grove of trees. And I took the baby backpack off and it stood on the forest floor like a perfect high chair. Suspending her above the dirt and pine needles and ants while she ate her granola bar. Then she must have pushed her toes into the ground and it tipped forward and she did an uncontrollable face plant. 100% Mommy's fault. Ugh.

A few of my siblings and I went on a hike (walk) around Silver Lake. Isaac and Bethany are my little brother and sister who were visiting before going to EFY this week. Here she is, in all her feminine beauty, my littlest sister who was 3 years old when I moved out of the house:

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sharry said...

That place looks BEAUTIFUL! And those girls definitely add to that beauty!
Oh, and I really love that first photo of you and Tada! Miss you guys!