Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday Photos.

This weekend was:

Not sleeping
Building backyard swings
Tada kissing and rocking baby dolls
Digging backyard mudholes
Forcing mud down the shower drain
Running from bees
Turning on the AC

Some days are up down and all around, I am busy and don't think clearly. But sometimes I stop. And look out the kitchen window. My two oldest girls are swinging in the sun, in opposite directions. Different weights, different sizes. They find their own rhythm. One looks ahead and the other looks straight up to the sky.

Their legs move differently and they have a distinct, unique sense of their own momentum. One lets her hair cover her face and the other is constantly pushing it back behind her ears.

I want their individuality to sing, to reach a fever pitch. I want who they truly are to bubble up inside, to boil, to burst, filling the air with droplets of emotion and dreams.

Always to be kind, always to care for each other and for the rest of the world, and always and above all, to their own selves be true.


Lisa said...

Love - Love - Love those pictures! A little jealous not only of the fun mud but also of 7-11! Lucky!

Lynnie said...

that is an awesome picture!!! love it.

Lotti said...

These photos are awesome .... someone does not look happy at all. Very cute.

LuCDay said...

Ha ha, love it! Alex and I were having a "mud sliding" conversation the other day and she didn't understand why you would want to do that. I will have to show her these pictures!