Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grace and Twins.

Grace. With her beautiful skin and hair and self.

Below: Me, Hannah and Miriam. All moms now. My sisters are awesome. Hannah is having twin boys! She's due in August and if all goes well, I will photograph their birth. Hang in there Hannah. And we can make hearts on your stomach anytime you need a laugh!


Laura said...

Ahh- twin boys! How fun :)

Brande J. said...

Twins?!?! Awesome! She looks so good for being due in August with twins! Cute sister picture :)

Hannah said...

Haha.. Thanks for posting this, it's so awesome! I am so happy my abdominal protrusion could bring some sisterly laughter! :)

vicky said...

Nothing better in the world than having sisters to share and laugh with!
Great picture!

Missy said...

twin boys! I hope you three live near each other so we can see more of your smiles.

loving your chic haircut sarah.