Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Photos and Easter.

The truly awful attempt at a front-yard easter photo seconds before we had to jump in the car. Ya... better luck to me next year. 

Gideon and Katie blessed their beautiful baby Finneas today. Here is a photo of all the grandchildren together.

And here's all of us. My two sisters and two brothers and their spouses (missing Aaron!).

Below, Gideon, Katie and Finn. 

Every year I think of how sick I am that every holiday tradition includes candy. Baskets and stockings and buckets of candy. This year I had a fleeting thought of having a children's book hunt. Everyone grab your basket! See how many different titles you can find! Let's talk plot and characters! I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Wouldn't want it to be a yawn-fest because of me.

On your mark, get set, go!

Lillie, mad about something. 

My brother took the last three of Lillie. He calls them "paparazzi shots". She's declining publicity at this point. She's sick of it and wants her life back...

Overall, a great weekend. We relaxed, enjoyed family and heard enough screaming and crying in our house to make you think militia was attacking our village! 


Stacie said...

Lillie just cracks me up. I love your photos and your comments. . . you should be a humor writer for the newspaper!
The girls looked beautiful for Easter.

Kristie said...

Those last 3 of Lillie are just hilarious. And congrats on the new camera.

Celeste said...

Fun... love the family photo. So coo to see you all together with all your babies!

Laurel said...

as a fellow "third child", i have a soft spot in my heart for your Lillie.

those emotions will pay off for her one day. She'll be sensitive to the spirit and, believe it or not, will be a peacemaker in your home.

just you wait.