Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My parents with my children...

They gave me life, they gave me love and acceptance and taught me to do the same. I love them with all the unexplainable devotion a human can muster.

They drove home today... in fact, they're about an hour away right now, winding up the coast on the rain-soaked highways of California.

There was a new baby born into the Smylie family yesterday. Jake's sister, Sarah had a boy at around 11 p.m. They're in Florida, so I am very sad to say that I missed it.... and I can't see him right now, but he is healthy and beautiful.

Another miracle.


Casey said...

BEST EVER! They gave you life...then you gave those beautiful girls life. What an amazing gift family is. The middle picture warmed my heart :) Your parents are so great.

sharry said...

finally...we're both in the same family-missing boat. though it brings me no comfort. so excited to hear about sarah - names, weights, etc?

Jennifer said...

There's just something awesome about seeing our parents with our babies. Love the pictures!

I love your girls. The last few pictures you have posted of Matilda I think it's Lilly and I think Lilly is Ruby. They are growing So fast!

Congrats on the new Nephew!

Jessiesmylieyahoo,com said...