Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beauty and Bombs.

They get more gorgeous as time goes on... their faces changing over and over again.

This last baby is the surprise... she's SO bossy lately! She went from the perfect baby a few months ago, laying in the middle of the floor, no complaints, calm classical music playing as her soundtrack, to a screaming, wrestling, aggressive little bomb. She screams to communicate. And my brain throbs. But she's so CUTE at the same time. And when she's tired from all the screaming and wrestling, she still lets me swaddle and rock her.

If she would just let me, I'd chew on her all day.


Jeni said...

So it's not just boys that can do that to a house?? Refreshing.

Jennifer said...

Abby's room looked JUST like that yesterday.

Matilda is getting SO big. She has SO many teeth. There's no way she was born on the same day (which was yesterday!)as Ethan...he only has 2 bottom teeth. That's it. Not that I'm complaining since he keeps biting me with those two. He too is not the calm quiet baby he used to be. He has an attitude now. He yells...especially at Abby. Sometimes he'll get mad and talk in a complete sentence telling me all about it. I just don't understand his language. He won't let me rock him to sleep anymore. Not without tons of fighting. :( Oh and apparently he's an acrobat.

Melissa said...

Your house looks like mine! Glad to know I am not alone!!
I want to eat that little Matilda! She is tooooo CUTE! And the picture of Ruby (I think) is wonderful!!


Chickoopy said...

Oh yes! Beautiful, old Hollywood glamour portrait of Ruby. Of course, any frame that any of them take up becomes stunning and beautiful.

My house isn't like that sometimes- it is like that EVERY DAY. I have always tried to "accept" it. Tried to believe my own pep talks. Finally, I realized that I don't have to "accept" it, like it is some kind of flaw in my character. It is what it is. A big mess. Without the thought that I am somehow deficient, I am left with emotional energy intact, and a lot more energy to just clean it up. Which I do. Usually, several times a day.

The animal shelter looks like a welcoming place.

Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

Oops! I was logged in as Chickoopy. You already have two other comments from the Jen department.