Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Photos.

--They're swirling energy. They're souls jumping and yelling. They're a billion barrels of potential.

(I postponed my trip to California. My Grandmother is doing a lot better and I've been in touch with my mom quite a bit.)

Right now Lillie's in a time out for not staying in her bed. Bedtime is a joke. The girls read every night for 30 minutes and then it's a "controlled free-for-all", which means the minute I walk out of the hallway for the tenth time they're back to antics. Playing, singing, messing around. I try to get mad but it's only when I go overboard that they get scared enough to comply.

It's this time every night (and several times throughout the day) that I dream of a house with a full basement. Where the girls can walk downstairs and the noise will follow. I will have that sometime, and it will be fantastic.


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Lillie said...

And then everyone tells us that someday we'll want nothing more than to have our homes FILLED with their squeals again. I know it's true. But I'm with you--- and they don't do basements in so cal.