Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Photos

I love how in so many photos lately Tada is looking at me like, "Uh.... Help? Please?"

Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr., my little girls will be home with me tomorrow. Needing, fighting, messing and yelling. I'm sure there will be good times like there always are. And then there will be the times when I have to find my happy place. That big bed with the white pillows and ocean breeze billowing out the pretty curtains...

But really.... Look at those four little heads. LOOK. I'm living the dream!


Dee said...

Yeah but which variety of dreaming depends on the hour.

Laurel said...

i did a "want list" yesterday. you've been a bit of the inspiration behind a couple of the items. Just so you know.

You're "living the dream" because you're living the life you've made and I totally adore you and thank you for that.

You're a gem. You really are.

Kelly said...

You sure are Sarah! I love this Sunday photo idea. Think I might implement it into my own blog. But that would mean I have to blog more than once a month!!!!