Friday, November 12, 2010


I came across some great links today that I hadn't seen before for ways you can help with what is happening around the world. Thought I'd pass them on...

Camfed sponsors girls for education in Africa. It pays fees, helps them manage menstruation and other challenges, and encourages them to “give back” once they have completed their education.

Afghan Institute of Learning
 supports girls’ education in Afghanistan and border areas of Pakistan. It is run by an Afghan woman, Sakena Yacoobi, who manages to run schools that the Taliban doesn’t burn down.
Tostan has been extraordinarily successful in overcoming female genital cutting in West Africa, and in training women and men alike and creating opportunities for them. It is based in Senegal.
Vital Voices is a Washington-based organization that supports women change-makers around the world, and is particularly staunch against trafficking.
The Fistula Foundation focuses on maternal health and surgery to repair obstetric fistulas, which are horrendous childbirth injuries that leave women incontinent.
BRAC is a Bangladeshi-based organization that focuses on education and empowerment of the very poor. It is one of the most admired development organizations from within the global south, and it is now expanding to Africa and other areas.
Pro Mujer focuses on helping women with reproductive health and small businesses in Latin America.
The Women’s Refugee Commission is an offshoot of the International Rescue Committee that focuses on women refugees, who are among the most vulnerable people on earth.
New Light India runs a shelter for trafficked women in a Calcutta red light district.
International Women’s Health Coalition is a New York-based group that works for women’s health worldwide.

Deworm the World
 promotes deworming programs. Worms seem to affect girls in particular by leading to anemia, and girls are already at risk of anemia from menstruation.
Global Fund for Women makes grants to innovative women’s programs in developing countries around the world.
Beyond the 11th was founded by two American widows of 9/11, and supports economic empowerment efforts for Afghan women.
Sustainable Health Enterprises, also known as SHE, is committed to lowering the high cost of sanitary pads in many African countries through advocacy work and by producing–and training women to distribute–lower cost products made from local materials.
The BlinkNow Foundation, created by 23 year-old Maggie Doyne, was created to help children receive shelter and education in war-torn countries dealing with extreme poverty. This is what Ms. Doyne accomplished in a remote corner of Nepal, and she hopes to replicate her model in other parts of the world.
Run for Congo Women, organizes runs and walks all over the word–even in Congo–to raise awareness and funds for Women for Women International’s Congo program, which supports female survivors of the ongoing war there.


The Medleys said...

I want to donate a million dollars to each one of these causes. Can we go save the world yet?

Anna said...

Thanks soooooo much for posting these. I had not seen the article, and no one should miss it. Love your blog because of the truth you speak; yours is on my short list.

The Hones said...

Just reading your short descriptions of each one made my heart ache to want to help. I really hope that the small contributions people like us make can make a difference. Even if it's just an added spirit of optimism in our own home that we're trying to help.