Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Photos

My girls, in my bed, where they usually are 20 minutes before church starts.

The wind is blowing fiercely. Tonight all the kids are asleep in their beds. Even Jake, asleep seconds after his head hit the pillow. All the lights are out except the kitchen where I just pulled a few loaves of pumpkin bread out of the oven. 

Silence settles like peaks of dust on my body. Just the tap of this keyboard parts the thick quiet. And that wind! Sweeping across the state of Utah like a bucket of bleach. It makes me feel so good inside.

Everything that I live for is sleeping now. They are safe and resting and calm. Agenda says I must drag my body down the hallway and into my bed, hug my pillow and scoot my feet in between Jake's toasty ones. 

Life is good.


Dee said...

Have a great week Sarah

Jennifer said...

I made pumpkin bread yesterday too. :) It's more like a pumpkin cake. Yummy!

Lisa said...

I still make your yummy pumpkin bread. In fact I may go make it right now!