Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Little Trail Blazer.

I showed up dripping with children, camera in hand. A maniacal mother with bed-head.

She was nervous and my photographing didn't help. I noticed a few minutes in that I was biting my lip. I was nervous for her, too. But there she is, taking in the change like a champ, just as children have done for generations, just as I did when I was her age.

Let it be known, she requested I walk her to class. That may not be the case next year, but I'll take it!

Off you go, love. Break a leg. We'll be waiting for you when you get home.


lindseyj said...

Go Grace!! I might be calling you every day for the first week when Chrish starts school next week. I am so excited/nervous for him... Here it goes!

kristen said... I miss that sweet face! So proud of her....she is awesome. I was thinking of the the girls yesterday at the K breakfast for JT. Thinking.... I wonder if there is someone at this table right now that JT is going end up being friends with and a year from now, we look at pictures and realize they were sitting right next to each other but we didn't even know it AND we will end up LOVING that family so much! Then I thought....yeah, prbly won't happen, that was a one in a million shot. One in a million...just like the Smylie family! Miss you guys!!! Tell Grace wooohoo from us! xoxo

Sharry said...

oh, gracie girl.
oh, sarie...

Ash said...

She is getting so old!

Miss you guys!

Missy said...

Tell me she will still want you to walk her to the door next year. Please! That last photo is so so great. Did she know the girls in her class? She looks so happy to be back there.

You say it well Sarah, every time.