Sunday, August 15, 2010

Florida and an Anniversary.

I don't know how to say this in a new and different way. So I'll just say it in the old one.

I love these people so much. They've been my some of my best friends for over 9 years now. And we just spent a couple weeks with them in Florida. To sum it up: we had a great time. As usual.

Now we face the start of a new school year. And fall, oh fall, I can already feel you in the air.

Ruby lost her top front tooth on take off from Tampa. It had been loose for awhile and as the front tires of the plane lifted and the back tires were still on the ground, she squealed the good news! She looks so cute and you should hear her say "seashells".

Speaking of the plane, I flew with all four girls by myself on the way to Florida. It wasn't too bad, at least I knew Jake would probably fly with us on the way home. I booked Jake's ticket last minute and his return flight was the same day as ours (August 14th), but his flight time was different. The flight me and the girls were on was so much more expensive by that time that I booked him on a cheaper one a few hours later hoping that Southwest was as nice as they always are and would let him fly with me anyway.

Well they didn't.

So. August 14th was our anniversary. 9 years married. And how did we celebrate? I trudged slowly down the jetway with all four girls in tow and Jake waved goodbye to me and mouthed, "Happy Anniversary" as he started up a game on his iPhone and waited for his flight to board.

Oh man, it was quite a moment.

Flight(s) weren't too bad. I got to Salt Lake with a daunting task before me. Get us and all our junk onto the street, onto the shuttle bus and find our car in the parking lot. I made it to baggage claim and what was the surprise that awaited me? Oh,,,, I shall tell you. Be patient! Here it comes! 

Around the carousel what should appear? Not one large suitcase and a car seat, oh no, what appeared was one large suitcase, one car seat and Jake's suitcase that was accidentally checked on my flight. Oh, the pain! The insult!

But we lived. We always do. And people were so helpful to me. I made it to the car. And not only that, I made it to McDonald's, to the grocery store and finally home. My brother and his wife were gracious enough to pick up Jake from the airport at 10 p.m. after which Jake and I toasted to our marriage, smooched quickly and went to sleep. 

Don't let the romance singe your eyebrows.


The Hones said...

All those pictures are precious, Sarah. The post well-exceeded my expectations of the synopses of your Florida trip. My favorites are the pictures of Lillie socializing and the one of her jumping into the pool. What an age; she's a grown up stuffed in a little body.
Thanks for the anniversary story. Marriage seems to be one wild adventure after another, with little "smooches" in between. Love ya Sarie.

ingrid said...

I loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of those photos & I was looking in the background hoping to get a glimpse of myself there, I'm sad to say what we all know.... I wasnt there. Jealousy is a curse. Happy anniversary!!!

Ash said...

Loved spending time with you guys! Wish it was longer!!!

Love you!

Megan said...

Did you really fit all of your stuff and your girl's stuff in one large suitcase?! That's incredible!

Leanne said...

I loved seeing you guys! I can't believe Southwest wouldn't let you all fly together. You are amazing- I love that last picture of you, 4 girls, and all your stuff.. wow. Happy Anniversary!!

Kristie said...

My heart was full just watching you all interact and love each other. Love you and happy anniversary.

Sharry said...

oh sarie, you have no idea how i have waited for your return. i've kept looking at my blog updates over the past week hoping that 'today' would be THE day. it was so worth the wait. i sat and swooned. i cried a little too, i have to admit. but it was a good cry - and i thank you for it.

happy anniversary! i had to smile, and laugh a little too, at the reality that time sets at our feet sometimes. i have discovered that time, and the length thereof, is directly proportionate to the end from which we are looking. looking ahead at 9 years certainly doesn't seem like the same span of time when looking back and viewing all that you have fit into that space.

we love you all.

Diana said...

Congratulations on 9 years! Way to go on surviving the flight :) I braved three from Sacramento to Salt Lake City to Baltimore last year when we moved across country. We survived too, but I think it was only with much prayers. Happy to see the photos. Love them ... (even though I don't know the FL family).

Celeste said...

You are the woman! I can't believe you managed all that... and without tears!

Looks like you had a great time with family and Happy Anniversary!

Dinah said...

Even though I am on the periphery of this large noisy group, I love looking into the circle and every once in a while even being a part of it. Thank you for your love and kindness. It sure is fun to have you di xoxoxxo

vicky said...

HA HA HA...I love it. Real life. :)