Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day, Rube.

Dear Ruby,


You take me to the center of the earth and back again. My chest rises and falls with life's rhythm and I can see you, dancing with your heart pumping, illustrating mermaid booklets, brushing your teeth with your skinny spare arm pumping like a chicken wing.

You were incredibly excited and confident and 100% ready. I made it about a half hour after drop off before I lost it. Ruby, with your heart open like a barn door, off to school on your first day.

I checked in on you tonight. You had just fallen asleep. You had taken your pajamas off and were double-wrapped in your comforter, stripped down to your underwear, sweating thickly. Your hair stuck to your neck. I straightened you out and gave your pores some space to breathe.

I came here and sat down and saw these photos and cried. A mama has never loved a daughter like you. You are a surprise, a shock, some unexpected cash found in my pocket.

I can't stop this filmstrip flashing through my head of times to come when you'll be away for a lot longer. But for now, I'll relax. It's only kindergarten.

Be true.

xoxoxoxoxo times a thousand.


Cher said...

your way with words, photos, pictures, and love always amazes me.

Laurel said...

i tell people about your blog all the time. I often say, "and the thing I love the most about her is that she totally doesn't get how amazing she is."


as a writer AND as a mother.

I want to be like you when I "grow up". really i do.

thanks for sharing. this was sweeter than sweet.

kristen said...

ahhh.....Ruby! So beautiful in not only in these (and all!) pictures but in her heart! Your girls all have amazingly beautiful, loving hearts that all can see.....just like their mama!!! HUGS to you Sarah....and your sweet kindergartner! xo

LuCDay said...

So jealous, I couldn't go in and take pictures in the classroom. How nice for Rubes. :o)

{Erica} said...

"You are a surprise, a shock, some unexpected cash found in my pocket." = best beautiful!

She's going to eat kindergarten up. To me she seems so much like my Mailee. A whirlwind of life.

Jennifer said...

Aww...Ruby is in Kindergarten! She's going to do great. I love the pictures. :)

Dee said...

This is a very different Sarie to yours and Grace's first foray into organised education. Bless you. You are growing up too (not condesending but supportive and acknowledging).

cowgurs said...

sarah, i wish you could walk around with me in my life and take pictures of my babies all day! i felt like i just dropped off ruby:( great great great pictures!