Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Photos

This is a little something my mom wrote to me in response to my last post. I had to include it here, it is just so beautiful:

Lillie, unfreckled and unsteady as to her place in the world.
Those lingering eyes gulping the possibilities unfolding before them--
Hungry yet patient
Searching yet waiting
While the voice, the fist, the brows trick you into thinking she is undefined.
Oh no, she is right on schedule.
And she, like a thrashing babe in a cocoon,
will emerge one day.
And what will we say to the beauty we see?
We shall say we saw it before, as we are...
In those irresistable eyes.
Those windows.

Black and white
And still they are two beauties with different hair
different eyes, different lips.
No amount of dressing alike,
Talking, poetry can take the uniqueness from them.
And the divergent forms of the girls I see in the photo
Are merely a prelude to the worlds
That are within those lovely heads.
Thoughts, opinions, tolerances,
Passions, fears, faith.
Breathless they leave us each and every minute.
What did we do to have the honor
Of sharing our life paths with them?


The Medleys said...

That is so beautiful. You really got your amazing writing talent from your mom. The two of you could write a poetry book or something even more amazing.

Cher said...

i love the idea of sunday photos. and i agree, you can see where you get your writing talent from, that's for sure!

Emily said...

So amazing. I am always marveling how people can find just the right way to say just the right thing...and so eloquently.

You and your Mom have that amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!

Laurel said...

the apple (i.e. YOU)
clearly doesn't fall far from the tree (i.e. your mom)

I love this.