Monday, July 19, 2010

So many girls.

Some of my sisters and me spent Friday night and Saturday in Rexburg, Idaho, visiting my sister Naomi (far left) that goes to school there. All of us girls are married and at different stages of starting our own families. We left our kids and husbands behind (except my Matilda).

We talked late into the night, woke up and took a nature walk, hit some garage sales, listened to Naomi play her cello, had a picnic on the grass with our cousin and spent almost two hours at D.I.

There were conversations spoken in the car and amongst each other that were like a glance, a breeze, a whisper. Magical and sacred, rich and genuine. Never to be repeated the same way.

I have all the extravagance I ever need in my sisters. They are exquisite.

They are what my girls will have in each other forever and ever.


Leanne said...

How fun! I'm glad you are able to go do things with your sisters. I have come to appreciate mine even more as I've grown up- your daughters are lucky to have each other!

Diana said...

When I first saw the picture, I was thinking "wow, another FL reunion!" Then I remembered that you moved to Utah. How fun! What a special time together.

Jodi said...

Sisters are such a wonderful blessing and when you have a mother that is just as close well then you are in heaven. (on a side note...I miss Rexburg).

Lisa said...

Hey it was fun to read your comments today. Yes, please on hearing your love story! I love me a good romantic story!

Thanks again for just being who you are and touching my life all these years later. My boys appreciate it very much - as do I!

Missy said...

So great. You and your sisters are so pretty and obviously have that perfect sister bond. It can only get better for your girls right?