Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Photos

A photo on the front porch on Saturday and a visit up to Great Nan's on Sunday.

Jake's Grandmother, she's one of Jake's greatest loves. She has taught me so much, including how to hold Grace tighter when she was just a newborn. She knows all the tricks and she has so much insight to share from her life. We love her so much and are happy to be near her. I wish I could go back in time and watch her take care of her little ones. She did a fantastic job.

...Our little screamer turns TWO tomorrow!


scotti loo said...

poor ruby got cut out of the last photo. happy birthday to your lillie!

LuCDay said...

I love Tildy's hair and her little stretched out toes in that first picture. And I love how non-chalant Grace and Ruby are over Lill's distress. :o)

Team Bowers said...

Her hair cracks me up! I just LOVE it! And Happy Birthday Llll!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Lillie. I remember visiting you and newborn Lillie...doesn't seem like 2 years ago.