Tuesday, March 09, 2010



You are so wild. And loud. And demanding. And crazy. And funny. And loud. And you drive your sisters insane. But they adore you.

How have you weaved your way into our hearts? You take so much of my time and my brain power. Take it and do what with it? I have no idea. But there are so many moments in between that are so endearing. That I look at you and recognize your fight and want to boost you up to get what you want. It's weird... I'm not sure who's team I'm on. Mine or yours. Or yours or the universe's. Or yours and everyone else's. But you fight, really hard.

And you're beautiful. So I think I'll keep you.


Celeste said...

Love her

lori said...

I just got off the treadmill and now my eyes are wet along with my stinky body , thanks to you! I just got caught up and read your letter to Jake. I think i will copy and paste it and switch "jake " to "Matt". Honestly, you can write from more than just your mind but from those deep crevices in your soul! I loooove it! Love you! And I sooo understand you.

Kasey said...

she is beautiful! And I love your Sunday photo attempts.