Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Nod from Heaven

(Smylie Thanksgiving Spread, 2009)

Bad news is, my computer is still broken. So I can't blog from my own house. That presents a problem. Especially for someone who likes to write several times a week (me). I don't want to send it in for repair until January, so until then... I have lost some of my voice.

But something special happened to me on the night of Thanksgiving. I sat on the couch with my legs curled under me and ate a popsicle. Suddenly, like a tiny breeze, I felt something tap on the inside of my tummy, slightly to the left, right where my pants hugged my belly. And there it was again, unmistakable. As quick as a glance, as fleeting as a nod from heaven. It was hard not to hold my breath.

I smiled so big then because I knew it would only continue, stronger and stronger. I have months of these movements yet to come. Tiny reminders that the finest people like Grace, Ruby and Lillie can come of just a tiny piece of human fruit inside my tummy.

Truly amazing.


LuCDay said...

So I guess she likes popsicles?

Dee said...

Truly thankful.

Laurel said...

a.) you not blogging as often will be hard for me but I'll try and work through it.
b.) I love your blog.
c.) I love your thanksgiving spread. mmmmmmmmmm.
d.) I love the tiny breeze.

So sweet.
thanks for sharing.

Jessie said...


Hannah said...

Dude, that was so rad to read. I felt like I was experiencing it myself, it was so well described... as always. Thank you and I do miss your regular blogging!

Em said...

As always, in awe.

Emily said...

Oh my, as usual, you take my breath away with your lovely writing. I read your blog for its beauty, inspiration, love, and happiness - and each time I visit, I leave uplifted. You will never lose your voice, never fear. Thank you for always sharing - and many many congratulations on the bebe!