Monday, October 05, 2009


So do you want to hear something super duper lame? The lamest ever? Something happened to my computer. It got some sort of virus, or I accidentally blocked an important program (but let's not point fingers)... And I can't log in to Google. I can't post from my computer or comment signed in as me, or check all the blogs I follow (and don't know the links to if I don't sign in). I also can't read private blogs from this piece of junk. I know, everyone take in a big gasp for me. It's horrible. But I have to make do. We may eventually have to buy a new one (this time, an Apple). Posting may be light, but I want to keep up on photos I take of the kids in the meantime.

My computer can take its dumpy behind and go belong to someone else. Unless it gets fixed and then of course, it's welcomed back with open arms.

Here are a few photos of Ruby's soccer game on Saturday. She runs after the ball just as intensely as she stands still chewing her nails when she should be running after the ball. We love her. Even though within the first five minutes of the game she is begging to go home. What a wuss!

Jake coaches Grace's team, Ruby plays on a team in the same league, and I try to keep Lillie occupied in the stroller, rushing back and forth between games on a grassy dewy soccer field, at 8a.m. Saturday morning. While I try to take at least a few photos.

Anyone that has the ability to sleep in on Saturdays, sleep an extra couple hours for me.


Lynnie said...

Awesome shots Sarah. I coached Ava's team last year and that's the only reason she would even put on the uniform. this year she wouldn't even go that far but luckily we got a refund. have fun on the wet fields on Saturday mornings.

k said...
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{erica} said...

Totally sucks about the computer problem...I'd be dying!

That picture (second one from top) is awesome. love her look of determination. Such a cute little girl.

Saturday's around here are earlier (in regards to waking up) than our normal school days. That's what I get when my kids soccer games start at 8 and they want them there at 7:30. WHAT?!

Alisa said...

Pitiful story.
I love the smell of wet grass on a Saturday morning-it floods my mind with memories. We're annoyed with early game times, too. At least you're taking pictures!
John's working near your town this week. Wish I could be there and pop over for a "HI!"
Good luck.

Raelyn said...

Oh fix it, fix it! I don't know what will happen without my Smylie fixes!

Lovin the soccer pics! We do afternoon games on Saturday, and honestly, we would rather have earlier as it really is a crimp in the whole day.

Wishing you virus free days!

Lillie said...

Ruby's old enough for soccer? Oh that makes me think I'm missing out... we've dreamt of the soccer days since we got married... I think it's a major milestone. you have kids in soccer. GROWN. UP.

Dee said...

I will sleep well and dream of you.

Jennifer said...

I love the action shot! She looks like she's doing awesome. At least she's intense while biting her nails could have just been an intense game. :)

Sorry about your computer. It must be bad if you are thinking of getting an Apple. lol I hope you get it working soon...if you haven't already.