Monday, August 03, 2009

A little time.

Ruby and I found ourselves alone tonight. We made muffins, conversed, and watched Ice Age.

She is forthright and does not bite her tongue to be polite. Sometimes I worry but mostly I love her fiercely.

It could be because she always lets me kiss and tickle her. It could be the way her neck muscles practically explode when she's cross. It's probably because I see something special in her, something that's hard to see unless you look really close. She doesn't try, she just is. She's comfortable in her tight freckly skin and is confident in her opinions and that makes a person just fall in love with her.

She notices when things are off center and if they're not, she makes them that way.

She's a necessary part of my day, like a custom made multi-vitamin.


kristen said...

.....I so love that little girl and your beautiful writing!!!

Rebecca Smylie said...

I know this isn't the comment you were going for, but Sarie, if I loved my children like a multi-vitamin, they'd never make it.

Way to be healthy too.