Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just another Thursday.

Lills chews a piece of brownie. Then realizes there's a walnut! in! it!

I tediously pluck the pieces of nut off of her tongue as she giggles. Because we're close like that. And I'm forgiving like that (ahem, yesterday's tantrums).

Dear Lillie,

Get Real.



Team Bowers said...

very forgiving, but how could you not, she's adorable!

Jennifer said...

Lillie is SO cute. It must be hard saying "no" to your girls...they are just beautiful! :)

lori said...

Oh Sara. Lills and Reesesy are just alike. And you and i both cope the same way but mine is spoonfulls of icecream. And i wish that i couls speak in tongues. But all words have left my brain and Dimentia is setting in and i am only 31. Anyways, can i fly Leah out to your house for a few years? Let me know if that will work.