Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The girl with the most.

Her hair is impossible. But it kind of goes with the act.

Her beauty isn't always up front. It isn't flat-faced explosive. Sometimes you have to look through her window, with your hand slightly shading your eyes, and suddenly you see it! You see her. Her absolutely stunning beauty. The gorgeous rose hip that she is.

She cries. Oh, she cries so much. Big giant sobs that echo through her body and roll down her high freckled cheeks. She's a woman with a plan that demands restitution if her path is interrupted.

The curl of her top lip just about does me in every time.

My little Ruby.


Jodi said...

Those tears show the depth of her passion for life! We just love little Ruby!

Ash said...

We love Rube a Dube

Lillie said...

Personally, I think it's flat-flaced explosive... but I loved the metaphor. :) Your girls make me want my girls to have long crazy hair. It's so 'carefree little girl'... think Pheobe running through central park.

Jessie said...


Jennifer said...

I love Ruby! She's even beautiful when she's pouting. :) She seems to have such passion and heart!