Monday, February 09, 2009

The Usual.

Today started out like any other. Grace was too tired to get herself dressed so I brought her in my bed and put clothes on her limp body at 7am. She woke up to walk herself to the car. Lillie got nursed in my bed early this morning, without one single hope of going back to sleep. Ruby walked in the room late and disoriented. Her hair disheveled and a scowl on her face, I said good morning to her in my best high-pitched-cheerful-mom voice and she declared that she was "thirsty and hungry". Lill had a bubbly bowel movement that I changed like the second nature that it is to me. Ruby and I have eaten snacks all morning and thought vaguely about taking a walk.

I feel blessed today. I don't always, half the time I wish the morning shift would show up so I could do other things. But today I feel lucky to be a mother.


Hannah said...

Yeah, I love this. It's the little things huh? the things that make motherhood REAL. I can just see the scowl on little Rube's face. Love it Sarie! (PS I love your comment on Rachels wind post, that was awesome!)

jakenapril said...

sounds like my mornings, but i love it. you really do have a way with words--jealous!

Missy said...

"thought vaguely about taking a walk." We did the same yesterday.

Beautiful. Your morning, your life, your writing. And Lillie.

Dena said...

Your "day in the life of" posts are probably my favorite. I could read your writings all day. Wait. I do!