Saturday, September 22, 2007


My favorite blogging phrases (inspired by my brother who is in constant mockery of me):

"You should totally blog that!"

"One time, when I was blogging, I..."

"I blogged that picture the other day!"

"Oh ya, I know her, she blogs too!"

"NO WAY! I didn't know you were a blogger!?"

Now I would like to point out that each of these conjugations of the word "blog" are useful, real and are begging to be said out loud, emphatically.

In other news, I dropped my Blackberry (the cell phone, not the fruit) in the toilet and it still works. I let it dry for a couple of days (on my sister Ali's instructions, she has dropped numerous phones in puddles and "refurbished" the carnage with great success) and it works great. I'm sure the fact that it was dropped in clean water had a great deal to do with its perfect rebirth.

Right. So then I went to a concert with some friends. During which we spotted the !Oh! !My! !Heavens! drummer for Dashboard Confessional whom from far away we thought was the lead singer (by his tattoo of all things). I flagged him down because after all, what's so fun about being 28 if you can't act like you're 17? So. We got a picture with good-smelling-drummer-man hours before his show but not before he must have spent hours parting and gelling his hair. Which I would never know because as everyone can probably tell, I spent NO time on my hair and certainly look pregnant in this picture (which I certainly am NOT).

This show consisted of: Piebald, Limbeck, Love You Long Time, The Format, Aquabats, Colbie Callait, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Dashboard. Before D.C. came on (1030pm) I was thinking of my flexible work schedule and how because I had been at the concert most of Saturday night I would have to be up until 4 a.m. working to make up my hours. So. I toyed with the idea of skipping Dashboard because they are oh so... "yell about High School and hair and vindication". But, I stayed. And I screamed and jumped a lot. And then the little mom of two went home and worked her hours and then crawled into bed beside her husband and smiled.

The end.


Lillie said...

What I want to know is how. How did you drop your blackberry in the toilet. And are you just making a point of clean water so we won't think you're "blogging" on your blackberry while you pee?

Because I wouldn't judge.

erica said...

first, those "blogging phrases" are used around here as well, as my husband rolls his eyes in the background :D.

Second....that soncert sounds like such a rad time!! I love the Aquabats..I remember watching them in concert at Springville high school..back when they were just a utah thing and not so popular...does that age me? I'd so be at that concert with you if I wasn't in lovely Iowa (used the word lovely sarcastically mind you)

Lori Oehler said...

Because of you I have caught the blogging disease and I am surely spreading it throughout my circle O' friends. If I was more technically inclined, I would know how to work a Blackberry. But I do know how to work a toilet.

maren out my laundry said...

THAT WAS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! Seriously in love with going to concerts with you gals. Too much fun for us little moms for sure!!
I'm so glad that drummer was someboday or else I would have felt incredibly dumb. Too bad he wasn't the lead singer though, he is so hot! Yes I am proudly turning into a teenage girl. hahaha
Lets do that again!

Rebecca said...

"No, I know, I read it on your blog..." That's another favorite.

Debbi said...

When I read your blog I feel like I'm an old woman. Seriously, you do such fun stuff! I take my kids to parks and read books. I think I need some excitment in my life. haha

Katherine said...

ha ha ha. You can totally see the foofy hair that was driving us all insane, right under your face Sarah. ha ha. Oh the fun.

Kelly said...

Um yeah I have used all of those phrases as well. I fun to go to a concert and dance like your 17 again. I would love to do that with you! What are you doing for work again?