Thursday, May 03, 2007

She sells sea shells by the sea shore

These are my little neighbor girls. I have problems posting without a picture. It just feels wrong.

-My hands are exceptionally wrinkly today.
-We are going to Florida on Wednesday for a week. Jake's sister is getting married.
-The best sound in the world is Grace and Ruby talking to each other when I'm not around. I'm raising two REAL PEOPLE.
-Gracie's lips are like pillows.
-What did I talk about before I had my baby girls?
-Jake and I now officially have an L.L.C.
-Jake and I text message all day.
-It snowed today in Park City.
-Surprise! I have nothing interesting to say!
-There are lots of deep things I feel like I should be thinking about. Like when I read other people's blogs or books, I feel like, why don't I think those things? Does anyone else feel this same way? I try to reach deeper, to the recesses of my brain, and then... nope. nothin'. Just a grocery list and a sigh. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.


The Young's Blog said...

Are you excited to come to FL? What are your plans while here? Any plans include a trip to Miami????

erica grover said...

I am not aware of any deep recesses which inhabit my no worries there! Bret and I text message all day long as well...even when he's upstairs studying in our bedroom and I'm downstairs trying to find said recesses....

erica grover said...

ps. May 2009 we leave 2 more iowa winters..wait...maybe I shouldn't think of it that way?!!

Rebecca said...

You and Jake have the best life. Yay for Florida in a week!!!

Debbi said...

Your blog always inspires me to think of more meaningful things...and inspires me to take better pictures! Have fun in FL, I am jealous you get to go on fun warm trips when you go to see family. We just get rainy WA

I love your thoughts!

Kelly said...

I can totally relate. But your blog is one of those that make me feel like I need to post more meaningful, thought provoking posts. But I just don't have the energy for that right now.

Have fun in Florida. It seems like you guys go there a lot. Lucky.

What is an LCC?

Emily said...

I love your pictures! Your girls are beautiful! I hope that you are doing good. I got your text message the next day and never responded because I'm lame. I love reading your blog. The concert sounds amazing.

Rebecca said...

Four comments in a row? Best birthday present EVER.

Kasey said...

Are you kidding me? Sarah, I think your posts are great and so inspiring! I get those feelings when I read what you write!
Kelly, an LLC is a limited liability corporation. But what are you guys doing with it? I'm guessing real estate or something along those lines?
Have fun in Florida! Is Jake's family from there?

Sarah said...

Kasey, Jake's parents live in Florida. The LLC is for jake's pressure washing business that he is starting shortly... and if I do photography I can wrap it up in the same thing.