Thursday, May 24, 2007

My brothers

Came across this photo and HAD to post it. These are my brothers. Brothers are like hanging out with your dad when he was closer to your age. They absolutely parallel my sense of humor like no one else on earth. Jared is 24 and in Alaska for the summer working as a tour guide, and my bro Gideon is on the right, he is on a mission in Atlanta.
They are doing the world so much good. Just wish they were doing it CLOSER TO WHERE I AM!!!


Erica said...

Loved the picture... made me wish I could be longboarding with them..perhaps down provo canyon...mmmm...k back to reality, I'm in Iowa and there are NO hills to longboard! I have four brothers and I know what you mean by your description of them! Brothers are the best!

Kasey said...

Hilarious. Love it!