Monday, November 06, 2006

Ya, that's me, I'm wearing pearls.

Here's me as a complete professional. I know everything, trust me. I am licensed now and work for Allpro Realty Group. And I have 999 business cards (I gave one away). Real Estate is pretty interesting so far. I have a listing already and also one home under contract. I am so lucky to have so much business so soon!
As for our personal investment property... not sold yet, but we're working on it. We just lowered the price 10K, and we have gotten a few more phone calls. I will keep you posted (especially you, Kelly).
Jake started ETrade today and LOVES it. He will get licensed to work with Securities (stocks, bonds and options) and advise online traders. It's so nice to hear him finally coming home from a job and talking positively about it. We are excited for the future. There are a million things we want to do in the future for business, flight school, MBA program, Law school (puke), and many other ideas. We have to take it one day at a time until we sell our house and then we'll be able to move forward.
Thank you everyone who cares for us so much!
-And- I must finish with- If you or anyone you know wants to buy or sell a home, let me know :)
Much love to all,


Kasey said...

Wow, you do look like quite the professional! I'm so glad real estate is going well for you... And that Jake found a job! Especially one he likes. So, law school, huh? Does Jake want to go to law school?
Good luck with selling the house! It's beautiful and I would love to buy it if I weren't in dental school AND if I was going back to Utah!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed and proud of you! You are already off to a great start which is probably so encouraging too. The thing I would love about real estate is walking through all of these different homes...I'm sure will be pretty interesting!

The White Way said...

you look so cute. I am so happy for you and Jake doing what you want to do. Congratulations!!!!

Emily said...

Freakin days girl! You all grown up! As Maddie would say, "You big girl yay for you!". Dang, you are lookin good. I'm glad to hear things are going good. Let's get together soon and laugh. I need a Sarah fix.

Kelly said...

Love the picture. You look so grown up and professional. Congrats on having a house under contract. That was quick! I'm glad to hear that Jake is enjoying his new job. Good thing we are young and can still change what we want to do in life, it's never too late! Thanks for the update.

LuCDay said...

So clean cut and professional, look at you! I'm glad things are going good for you guys right now. Also nice that the very next picture after your professional photo is of Jake's Mom checking out Ruby's diaper. Love it!

Kim said...

I usto work for Allpro when they opened their office in Layton I was the Office Manager. How do you like it?